Guruji Sri Guruwardhan was born as bright child to be named as SS Kumara Guruwardhan to his parents Sri Shanmurgam Acharya and Srimathi Lalitha Devi. He was born and bought up in Bangalore with good education and was eldest among 5 children.

Though, he started his work career as a labourer later on he became his own boss and run his business. Everything was alright until he started feeling empty in his way of life. There was always an inner voice telling that this is not the path he has to go on. This remained as a puzzle until he realised that there was some divine power which was guiding him ever since he was 13-year-old boy. To explore and further experience the guiding inner voice he started spending more time in deeper insights in times of nothingness.

To overcome all odds he started prayer and dhyana. This turned him to look more and more of inward towards him and this became his routine. He did this for a while and realised it was more difficult to meditate at home. In order to get involved completely into dhyana, he went in search of right place. He travelled length and breadth around the country, may it be a hill station, waterfalls and a peaceful location like Dharmasthala, Sringeri, Koppa, Namkal District Kolli hills, Podigimalai, Sadaragirimalai. He started spending most of the time in meditation and this meditation continued.

Life did not change for good even after marriage, this lead to more unhappy days with numerous problems. Right after one and half years of marriage, one day changed everything in his life. It was dawn which turned out to be very auspicious and brought enlightened experience to him and his wife Hemavathi. It was in Guruji's dream that Lord Kala Bhairava appeared in his Virata Bhairava rupa with 10 arms and trishul in one hand. Lord Kala Bhairava told him to follow the guidance given and worship. In return the kind Lord would solve the life's mysteries of all his devotees. Also asked Guruji to offer Pooja and perform Homa, then he would take care of all the steps. Accordingly, Guruji could involve in service to the society by offering guidance, Daana-Dharma.

By Lord Kala Bhairava's blessing he met Koppa Guruji Sri Sri Balagopalaiah. He foretold that he possess godly spirit and guided him to continue his work by offering prayers to Lord Kala Bhairava and Lord Swarna Bhairava. Also told him to follow the righteous path and avoid going away from this. He was told to meet Bhanuprakash Sharma & Manujunath Sharma. Both blessed him and said you have all powers and rights to receive Upadesha in front of Agni to accept Deeksha.

By the divine grace Guruji will provide solution to devotees with practical solutions which will help them to get rid of negativity in life. Guruji has devotees who consult him around the world be it US, UK, Canada or any other part of the world. Guruji offers expert advice and counsels those who are depressed with their lives. Guruji has helped hundreds of people in gaining back confidence by providing solutions to people using spirituality & astrology as a tool to offer solutions for problems in life.

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